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[EU] Wednesday Community Event [2024]


Community Management Department Chief
Lance Corporal

This thread is for signing up for the EU Wednesday Community Event
(Do you prefer a different day? There are also Monday and Sunday events open!)

The event will be administrated and run by the S&M adminteam in conjunction with the AR_Nr1.

Event & Date Information
Is the event stil running: Yes
Event Time: 6pm UTC
Daily Signups start: 5pm UTC
Daily Signups end: 6pm UTC
Balance and Server info: Steam Group Chat
Number of Slots : 1000
Gamemode : BattleNoFlags (may change once per month with prior announcement)
Time of the event : around 1 hour

Reply on this topic by following this template if you want to attend:
Regiment Name:
Regimental Tag
Number of player:
Desired Unit Type:
Once or Weekly:
Leader Steam and Discord:
Do you agree to follow the rules?

General Rules
No firing out of formation (Foof)
No firing in charge (FIC)
Max spacing: half man
Double columns/ranks allowed
You may only use the unit you have singed up for
Max one flag bearer per unit
Max one officer per unit
Max one medic per unit
Officers are responsible for enforcing event rules within their unit
No spawncamping
No ramboing

Class Specific Rules
To be counted as a line you need to be at least 3 men, you may not pick up rifles.
To be counted as a lights unit you need to be at least 3 men, you may have a 3 men spacing, you may only use muskets for your ranged combat.
The max ammount of lights is limited to 10 men per team.
To be counted as a cav unit you need to be at least 2 mounted horsemen, Mounted Cav may not pick up muskets or rifles.
The max horsemen count will be dynamically adjusted to the on day signup summ +1 of the enemy team.
The total max horsemen count is 10 per team.

Current Signups
Feld Artillerie Regiment Prinz August von Preußen Nr.1 (AR_Nr1)Line Infantry
Miquelets (Miquelets)Line Infantry
96th Regiment of Legoria (96th)Line Infantry
2tes Königliches Freikorps von Lutzow (2tes_KFL)Line Infantry
7e régiment d'infanterie (7e)Line Infantry
5to Regimiento de la Corona (CI)Line Infantry
45e Régiment d'infanterie de ligne (45e)Line Infantry
III. Königlich Bayrisches Regiment (III.KBR)Line Infantry
Hungarian Line Infantry (HLI)Line Infantry
Blood Diamonds (BD)Line Infantry
[Russo-German Legion] Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 30 "Graf Werder" ([RGL][IR_Nr.30])Line Infantry
[Russo-German Legion] 65y Moskovskiy Polk ([RGL][65y])Line Infantry
[Russo-German Legion] Brandenburgisches Jäger-Bataillon Nr. 3 ([RGL][Unknown])Light Infantry
1st Yorkshire Brigade (1stYork)Light Infantry
Kaiserlich und Königliche Legion „Erzherzog Karl“ (kk_Leg)Light Infantry
5to Regimiento de la Corona (CI)Cavalry
Magdeburgisches Husaren-Regiment Nr.10 (MHR_Nr10)Cavalry

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Regiment Leaders
Austrian Empire
Regiment Name: Infanterieregiment von Josef, Graf Colloredo N°57
Regimental Tag: Nr57_Rank_Name
Number of player: 5+ for now, the number will definitely grow
Desired Unit Type: Line infantry
Once or Weekly: weekly
Leader Steam and Discord: Salakien, myself, Discord: https://discord.gg/bhYXhBhXvt
Do you agree to follow the rules? Yes
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