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Great Britain
Q: When will Sword & Musket be released?

A: Currently, we cannot give a date for this. We are of course aiming for as soon as possible, but keep in mind that we are also aiming for historical accuracy and details take time. Development takes time, considering Tale World’s limitations for mods.

Q: What nations will be in-game?

A: United Kingdom, French Empire, Austrian Empire, Kingdom of Prussia, Empire of Russia, Ottoman Empire, and possibly a few more!

Q: Is S&M going to have a single-player campaign?

A: We are! Our single-player campaign is going to be incredibly unique. Taking you, as a soldier, officer, emperor, through different scenarios.

Q: When are private servers going to be released?

A: We do not have a known date at this current time. However, once we know you will be the first informed!

Q: What time period will this mod take place in?

A: 1793-1815

Q: Will there be foreign units within certain nations?

A: Yes

Q: When can we start testing?

A: Once we know when private servers are going to be released we will then be able to possibly give a date on this.