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Forum Rules


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Forum Rules 1.0


Once you are registered, all rules apply to you. Not knowing the rules does not make you exempt from them. All punishments will be distributed fairly and properly by the respective enforcers of these rules. We ask that everyone gives respect to fellow members, and if you ever have a problem with someone do your best to avoid a situation on this platform. We are all here for the same purpose, so enjoy getting to know new people with different backgrounds than yourself!​


Discrimination & Racism
  • Discrimination directed towards a user based on their ethnicity, language, sexual traits and characteristics, backgrounds, or age.
  • Racism: If someone attempts to or follows through with attacking a member based on the color of their skin will be permanently removed from our platform.
  • Political discussions and debates are prohibited unless there is a designated thread approved by a moderator for this area.

Personal Attacks / Trolling / Harassment
  • Provoking fellow forum members or baiting them into arguments that ultimately get out of hand will not be tolerated.
  • Causing problems by personally attacking an individual is considered harassment and goes against the moral principles of our community, it will be dealt with.
  • Trolling includes but is not limited to: Spamming, Ban-Evading, Harassment, Baiting, and thinking you have found a non-existent loophole that in your eyes circumvents the forum rules. Moderators will make judgements and issue punishments for this accordingly.

Leaking information (Private & Personal)
  • Uploading conversations of a Discord DM/PM between you and another user is not allowed. This will be considered an invasion of privacy and the post will be removed as well as your account.
  • Uploading audio-files of a user that was recorded. This is also considered an invasion of privacy and will be removed, and your account will be subject to removal.
  • Leaking phone numbers, addresses, or creating memes with this kind of information will be considered against our forum rules.

Explicit / Inappropriate Content
  • Sexual images / videos are not permitted
  • Sexual advances or remarks towards an individual are prohibited
  • Gore, whether in the form of screenshots, images, or videos is not allowed
  • Disturbing images are strictly prohibited

Ban Evasion / Alternative Accounts
  • Ban-Evading is the act of circumventing a ban by either using a VPN or creating a new account once a punishment has been given to you. You will be permanently removed if you are caught doing this.
  • Exemptions for this rule would be if you and a family member are in the same household therefor using the same IP Address. Lying about this will result in a temporary ban determined by a member of the moderation team.

Copyright Infringement
  • Uploading hacks
  • Piracy
  • Stealing artwork
  • Claiming something is yours when it is not
  • Note: Severe action will be taken if you break our C.I.P. (Copyright Infringement Policy)

Thread Purpose Destruction
  • Using a thread that has a specific purpose and driving it off course is not allowed. Keep it on topic.

Moderators have the final say
  • If you receive a punishment, take it.
  • Going around the moderator or staff member that issued your punishment to go searching for the answer you are looking for will result in an even longer mute or ban.

Forum rules apply everywhere
  • We take no responsibility for anything that happens outside of these forums. If you have problems with members of the community, no action will be taken here unless something occurs on the website.