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WEEKLY Linebattle - OCE/ASIA Sunday Event


Community Management
OCE Sunday Event

: _olorin

Event discord:
Event notifications are managed through the OCE Discord.

Server currently based in Sydney while we set up new Perth server.​

Next Event: Sunday 21st April, 8:00PM AEST

Faction balancing and specialist roles are organised on the event discord. Event rules are posted below.

Sword and Musket rules
  1. You must move out in at least a line of 3. Follow another line if below this number or playing outside a regiment.
  2. As line infantry you must stand shoulder to shoulder to fire. If there's a man sized gap between you and the next man, you are Firing Out of Line (FOL) and will be slain.
  3. To be a valid line and able to fire, you must have 3 soldiers. If you go below this, you should flee and seek out another line to attach yourself to.
  4. You must not fire while charging - you must stand still and be in at least a line of 3.
  5. Solo bayonet charges are considered ramboing and you will be slain. You may continue your bayonet charge on the nearest enemy line if you began the charge with your line.
  6. When there are only 3 left alive on a team, then rules 1-5 are suspended and you may fire your musket however you wish.
  7. Specialist roles are assigned to a specific regiment. If you want to have access to cavalry or skirmishers, this should be requested before the event. If you go a specialist role you are not assigned, you will be slain and asked to switch.
  8. Skirmishers may use a loose formation of a 3-man gap between troops.
  9. Only a single officer and colour bearer is allowed per regiment.
  10. Cavalry players may not use a pistol while mounted.
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